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Do you want to succeed in the federal government? If so, one of the first things you need to understand is the General Schedule (GS).

The General Schedule is a job classification and pay system that covers most civilian federal employees in administrative, clerical, professional and technical positions. GovLoop created a dynamic guide about the General Schedule and other federal facts to cater to all your questions and concerns. They may include:

  • Do I need to move to Washington D.C. to work in government?
  • Can I attend partisan functions if I have a Senior Executive Service (SES) position?
  • What are Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)?

Here are five reasons why you should download GovLoop’s guide, “Tips for Navigating Your Federal Career: Exploring the General Schedule:

Learn why it takes forever to get an interview

Are you still waiting for your follow-up on a federal application? So is everyone. Due to an array of bureaucratic matters, the federal hiring process takes longer than for non-federal jobs. Remain patient and don’t lose hope.

Find out the nitty-gritty about salaries

Since the General Schedule is a pay system, you’ll learn how federal salaries are determined. You’ll know what salary to expect as a GS-9, for example, and you’ll learn what a step is. We will also explain why your salary increases every year, even if your GS level stays the same.

Feel rejuvenated, even if you’ve been in gov forever

If you’ve been in government for a while, don’t think for a minute that there is nothing new for you to learn. As a mid-level employee, you have enough power to make a difference and you still have a lot of knowledge to acquire. Learn how you can take advantage of your position and wear new hats career-wise.

Learn what it takes to become an SES

If you want to be an SES, you’ll need to mind your p’s, q’s and ECQs. ECQs are five competencies that contribute to a productive, equitable and results-driven organization. These competencies are:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Being Results Driven
  • Having Business Acumen
  • Building Coalitions

According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), “successful performance in the SES requires competence in each ECQ.” So, learning about these attributes and how you can master them will be vital.

Or not

Here’s a secret: Not everyone needs to be an SES to have a successful federal career. Some people aren’t suited for the role because of their personality, career fulfillment, or simply because their roles do not have an SES equivalent. If the role sounds perfect for you, go for it. However, do not pursue a career path that you don’t really want.

Carpe Career!

At GovLoop, our main goal is to help you succeed. Download “Tips for Navigating Your Federal Career: Exploring the General Schedule” today and conquer your career aspirations.



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