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Friday Fab Five: Elections, Projections and Suggestions

Welcome to week number two of…

Friday’s Fab Five!

Every Friday, we’re summarizing the best of the week and highlighting five members or moments that were especially awesome.

5. The Most Commented Blog of the Week was posted by Daniel Honker, who asked “What do the mid-term elections mean for public servants?” In fact, Honker staged a “shellacking” as his post garnered 35 votes…uh, I mean, comments. What was the predominant theme? One word: furloughs. See for yourself (and share your own insights).

4. The Top Forum was brought to you by Management Concepts, one of GovLoop’s 2010 sponsors. They were trying to help you help each other to “Make Sure Your Project Isn’t on the Chopping Block.” What was especially cool about it was the fact that two certified Project Management Professionals — Richard S. Avery, PMP and Paul Jerram, PMP — chimed in with some excellent insight. So if you have some ingredients for project success, it’s impossible to have too many cooks in this kitchen!

3. Most Active Group had to be Tom Condon‘s Knowledge Management in Government. I accidentally set the fire by saying “Knowledge management is change management, isn’t it?” and sharing a link to Michael Murray‘s provocative blog post titled “But I Don’t Wanna Change.” That’s really all it takes to embroil that super smart group in a great exchange.

2. Quote of the Week honors are also found in that conversation as Paul Villano, a Knowledge Management Officer for the Army Chaplaincy Center, said:

Please ignore John Bordeaux and that man behind the curtain (Google “The WIzard of Oz Effect and the Future Emerald City” to know what that refers to). My job title is Knowledge Management Officer so it must be my job…and only mine…::Insert mad laughter:: Mine! Mine! All Mine! Okay, John’s right, the stinker. But don’t tell my bosses. Or at least encourage them to keep paying me the same money or more even if they change my job title. :o) Seriously, the coaching and caring of community through sharing that I consider to be Knowledge Management…must not be treated in the same academic sense as something (which I consider to be foreign and nauseating) like mathematics.

1. Finally, Rockstar(s) of the Week has to be shared three ways by Candace Riddle, Cynde Jackson Clarke and Brandon Jubar for their really helpful and quick responses to “Rub Virtual Elbows with Acquisition Experts! But Who?” They planted some seeds for a sweet new initiative we’re launching soon on GovLoop…stay tuned!

Looking forward to all of your awesomeness next week. Thanks, everyone!

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