Friday Fab Five: Social Media Ninjas, Shutdown Rockstars, or National Champs- Which are you?

Shutdown Got You Down? It’s time to take a quick break for the…

Friday Fab Five!

Yes, it is a stressful day for many to say the least, but it’s also Friday, which means it’s time to take a look back at the week’s accomplishments.

The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to Steve Raddick and his blog post Seven Things About Social Media That You’re Not Going to Learn in College. There were quite a few highly commented on blogs this past week, but what really sets Steve’s apart is the unprecedented 16 “awesomes” that his received. And they’re all right! Steve’s seven tips are true-to-life and unfettered by the sugar-coated theories from your classroom textbook. If you happened to miss this post, head on over, put your books away, and get ready to think outside-the-classroom. Here’s a short, albeit frank, excerpt to peak your interest:

Most of corporate America has VERY little knowledge of social media for business purposes, so by simply proposing that you use Twitter as part of your marketing plan during your internship, you may end up becoming THE social media subject matter expert. Here’s a news flash – you’re not. Senior leadership, your boss, your peers – they may very well start referring to you as a guru, ninja, SME, etc. but just because you know the basics doesn’t mean you’re an expert…You MUST continue to learn, to network, to read, to listen because that’s the only way you’re going to keep up. -Steve Raddick

The Top Forum this week goes to none other than a thread entitled Shutdown News- Latest & What Have You Heard? Started by GovLoop’s own Steve Ressler, what made, and continues to make, this forum so popular are the impressive amount of comments from the community. Powered by a significant amount of personal investment in the subject from many, if not most, of our members, it’s been great to see govies helping govies by answering questions, sharing news clips, and generally keeping each other informed during a very uncertain time. Looking for answers or simply a listening ear? Definitely check out this and other forums on the Shutdown.

The Most Active Group goes to the Open Source CMS Club. Normally a hub of activity and useful information, the Open Source CMS Club saw a spike in commenting this week largely due to a question from Michael McCarthey. Michael asks: Anyone have any good links or resources for developing a plan to switch to a content management system? So if you have any helpful hints for Michael, or you have a question of your own to pose to the group, join this group and become an OSS/CMS master!

Our Quotes of the Week (yes, I said “quotes”) are in honor of all the hardworking civil servants who just keep on keepin’ on even in the face of a potential Shutdown. So here are a couple of thoughts to inspire you as we move into the weekend. Our first quote is from Dannielle Blumenthal‘s popular blog post Shutdown Got You Down? Get Up!

I looked around today, another 100 mile per hour day, and I saw my colleagues working just as fast. To get things orderly and taken care of. They don’t shout but they are damn tough. Resolute. Smiling and with good humor.

They may shut the government down, for a time. But we are not going anywhere.

Happy to serve. Proud to be chosen. Grateful for the opportunity. Glad to be one of the team.

Go govies. Govies ROCK! -Dannielle Blumenthal

And then from Kevin Carter‘s blog post (with an incredible 13 “awesomes”) I’m Proud to Be a Civil Servant (Even With a Looming Shutdown)!

So although it is easy to get disillusioned as a public servant, or disappointed as a tax payer, it is important to remember the accomplishments of our past and those yet to come. It is important that we address the real issues with real solutions. It is import not to vilify the public servants who come in everyday and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. And it is important, as public servants, that we continue to do our best, and that we remember the accomplishments of those that came before us and strive to accomplish more. -Kevin Carter

And finally, Rockstar of the Week is going not to an individual but to an entire city! Congratulations to the city of Austin Texas for crushing the opposition and then beating out NASA in the final match on Monday to become our GovMadness National Champions! Way to be a true Rockstar, Austin! And thanks to all the supporters who showed up to vote and really pushed the Texas capital to victory. Looking for ways to be as cool as Austin? Learn from the experts by adding one of our many Austin GovLoopers as a friend, or join the Austin group dedicated to keeping government weird.

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