GIS mapping technology will help you navigate your career!

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool used across almost every field bringing data analysis, efficiency, and cost-saving mechanisms to the government. Unfortunately, most federal employees do not understand GIS technology. Each government employee has the potential to heighten the quality of their work by taking full advantage of resources such as GIS.

NASA, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Commerce, and others are using GIS technology to propel imperative research forward. NASA has launched five global projects to study climate change’s influence on earth’s atmosphere. In the past NASA has relied on GIS to “view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, building layouts, reports and charts.” It is no doubt that GIS will be a critical tool while researching one of the worlds greatest threats- climate change.

The University of Maryland National Center for Smart Growth is also using GIS to map points of emotional importance for the residents of Langley Park, MD. Navigating inventively through GIS has been an important tool to best serve local communities. Government employees across all agencies have the opportunity to become GIS experts and innovators at Esri’s Federal GIS Conference (February 9-10, 2015).

Non-GIS users are especially welcome. General overview sessions will be held to give attendees the insight necessary to further explore independently while back in the office. “Immersion Summit” sessions will also be held that highlight different areas of interest such as transportation, national security, natural resource management, economic and community services, and global aid, development, and conservation.

Do not be afraid of new technology, embrace the change and become the GIS connoisseur in your office!! Click on this link to register and learn more information.

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Kenneth Marizane

GIS is one of tools very important for investigation how can i use the land in my country. But many People do not undastend this new tecnologia. I am MSc of GIS since 2011 in Mozambique

Jason Hodges

What a great opportunity to learn more about GIS and the fields it can reach into. As an ESRI partner, AgTerra and its core product MapItFast support these kind of events that the training they provide to the community.