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Go Mobile Without Going Bankrupt: Cross-Platform App Development with HP

Optimizing your agency for mobile is a necessary step in today’s technology environment. In GovLoop’s recent mobile guide, we shared how government agencies are transforming internal operations and customer service by leveraging the power of mobile apps. For example, the Transportation Security Administration has created an internal app to keep employees aware of critical security updates and a citizen-facing app to keep customers informed of changing travel policies. Both apps have revolutionized mission-critical operations at TSA.

Yet, developing a mobile app can seem like a difficult process. Mobile apps must be optimized for multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. Apps must have unique security features to protect information accessed on-the-go and on personal devices. Finally, apps must have a user-friendly and customized design that enhances your brand with customers. Fortunately, the HP Anywhere 10.10 development platform helps your agency build apps that fulfill these essential qualifications, while keeping development costs low.

HP’s Anywhere is built to develop apps on an enterprise level. HP Anywhere makes use of HTML5, a code the works across platforms. Leveraging HTML5 allows agencies to deploy their app on multiple platforms, according to a recent HP blog post.

“Having a single development environment allows our teams to develop the applications once and deploy on multiple platforms, which reduces development time by approximately 70 percent per platform,” said Mike Jennett senior program manager for HP Enterprise Mobile Application Development.

What else does HP Anywhere 10.10 offer your agency?

  • Offline Availability: Agencies can select an option so that the app can receive updates and be utilized offline. Users can get critical information on the go with this framework, even if their connectivity is disrupted.
  • Customization: “Enterprises will be able to add their own look and feel to the platform, including changing the logo and color scheme,” HP explained. Even if the platform is standard, the customizable features make your app a unique reflection of your brand.
  • Security: Just because a user is on the go does not mean your agency’s cyber security system cannot go with them. Whether your agency deploys a simple username and password or multi-factor authentication, HP Anywhere provides the tools for mobile secure sign –on.
  • Localization: Mobile apps provide agencies location information that allows developers to customize software based on geography. HP Anywhere can truly work anywhere with “extended support for multiple languages and localizations including English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and German,” HP noted.

According to GovLoop’s most recent survey, 38% of agencies agree that mobile applications have facilitated increased efficiency and productivity. With HP Anywhere 10.10, your agency can develop apps that will deliver results, without a lengthy development process.

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