Got State and Local Gov 2.0 Examples?

Greetings GovLoopers!

In light of Nicole Crane’s previous blog post, I’m inspired to ask for your help.

Next week, I am delivering a webinar on Web 2.0 and government for the California Certified Public Manager Program. To date, my presentation has included mostly Federal examples. Since the audience will be state and local employees, I’d like to include 2-3 examples for each tool that is directly relevant to them. Over the weekend, I received some great examples from Adriel Hampton, who is located in San Francisco, and quickly generated a couple others. So here’s where I stand (which appears to be on one leg!):

All I need and more at

State of California
Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom
Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State

State of Rhode Island
Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State

Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State





We could share ideas here….but we should also incorporate them into Mike Kujawski’s wiki to create a central place for examples at all levels of government.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Brent Bushey

I looked to update Mike’s wiki page but I don’t know enough about the portal to fill in all the columns. Does anyone know the folks who ran this portal?

Lisa Nelson

Andrew, you may want to check out Munigov.2.0. MuniGov 2.0 is a coalition of fed/state/local/municipal governments focused on exploring the use and principles of Web 2.0 in an effort to improve citizen services and communication via technology. We meet in Second Life every Wednesday and are planning a conference in SL on Web2.0 for April 10. There is a good bit of info on this site that would be useful.



Just thought I would share the website This website serves as transition information for the state of Arizona’s Governor’s office, as Janet Napolitano stepped down from her Governor position to accepted the Director of Homeland Security position in DC, and our Secretary of State Jan Brewer was transitioning into the Governor’s role. Jan Brewer has links on this website for “Brew Tube”, her Facebook page, as well as Twitter.

Hope you find this helpful, and good luck on your presentation!


Sarah Bourne

Mass.Gov has just launched the first two of a series of blogs called Commonwealth Conversations: Public Health and Conservation. Other MA state blogs include Massachusetts Law Updates, State Library of Massachusetts and the Attorney General’s Energy blog.

On Twitter, look for @massgov, @massgovernor, @bradsaccount, and me, @sarahebourne.

We have started an internal wiki as a “proof of concept”, which is being used for things like gathering suggestions for budget savings, agenda development, documenting research efforts, and drafting documents.

The MA Department of Public Health features DPH Health Note Podcasts. The Governor has been issuing podcasts, but there just wasn’t a lot of interest in them.

All of the “news & updates” modules on Mass.Gov pages are available as RSS feeds.

Mass.Gov has a Facebook page, but we’re not really doing anything with it yet.

Gabriela Dow

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has done a very nice job with their online permitting portal which was the first of its kind to manage the entire community development process online (multi-billion projects with all plans submitted via the portal, digitally checked, payments tracked for months-long construction efforts, etc). The City of Houston will be the first to deploy the same .NET portal in the US — you can see the Abu Dhabi case study on the following link below (click the pdf link for the info sheet):

These are GovPartner projects so obviously I think they’re pretty neat, but as a whole regardless of the specific software, online permits had really been only for the simple over-the-counter permits (no plan checking or ongoing payments). As the technology became more collaborative (and .NET / web services allow for more integration & flexibility) there have been great advancements bringing local govts and architects, engineering firms, the construction community closer on a streamlined process to create central repositories of all info (drawings, project docs, receipts and deposit-based balances…) with the ability to offer more transparency via these portals to the public at large.

This will all be a very good development for us in the US especially to manage the large influx of shovel-ready projects expected from pending legislation… the public will need to know there are strong processes in place to manage all of this construction development and may want to have insight over nad input on the specific projects in their region.

Thanks, and good luck on the session! Gabriela

Stephen W Nolen

We Tweet certain Police and Fire calls and news, agendas, job openings, etc @ShawneePD, @ShawneeFD, and @CityofShawneeOK.

This is a small (30K) pop city example.


Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I have some great material to use here…I will post the slide once they’re finished!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, Valerie – By the way, have you connected with Sarah Bourne? Please see her comments above…just trying to facilitate a connection if there isn’t one! – Andy

Brian Gryth

It is far too late for your presentation, but here are a few more State and Local governments use Web 2.0 for the future:

State: @coloradogov (Colorado State Government Portal), @cdotmedia (Colorado Department of Transportation), @vermontgov (Vermont), @SCGOV (Soutn Carolina), @UtahGov (Utah), @ehawaiigov (Hawaii), @ksgovernment (Kansas), @kygov (Kentucky), @alabamagov (Alabama), @www_maine_gov (Maine), @IdahoCommerce (Idaho Dept. Commerce)

City: @crgov (Castle Rock, Colorado), @cityofcpn (Castle Pine North, Colorado), @OrlandoFL (Orlando, Florida), @DCLcolorado (Douglas County Libraries, Colorado)

Denver Public Library
Denver City and County Parks & Recreation

Colorado Government (if it works, I had trouble at first) –
Denver Parks and Recreation –
Colorado Legislature – Office of Legislative and Legal Services –