GovGives Update: You Are Amazing! Thank You!

Y’all are incredible!!

I just got off an emotional call with David Broadwell, who we are featuring as a special Member of the Week.

Steve posted a blog and sent an email around 1pm yesterday, asking the community to raise $2,500 that would help David build a home in Slovakia, where his wife who has a high grade cancer would like to spend her remaining time raising their 17-month old triplets near family in her native country.
Well, we are amazed and humbled to announce: Within 24 hours, YOU have given exactly $2,500. Adding the GovLoop match at $.50 per $1 from community members, our current, total contribution is $3,750!
I called David to tell him this news and before we got off the call, he got a bit choked up and said, “You guys don’t know how amazing this is. You are really helping someone. I just can’t wait to have a brick in my hand, building this house with her dad and brothers and the kids running around. You guys are helping me to fulfill Antonia’s dream…I can’t believe it’s really going to happen.”
On behalf of David, Antonia and their family…and on behalf of Steve, Megan and the GovLoop team, we are humbled and grateful for your generosity.
Below is a special message from Steve regarding next steps.

Dear GovLoop Rockstars,

Wow!! I’m stunned! Totally blown away.

In less than 24 hours, you crushed our goal of raising $2,500 to help David Broadwell and his wife battle cancer and build a home in Slovakia where their triplets can grow up near family!

I always say that you are awesome and that you are rockstars. But this kind of giving is extraordinary proof! I feel so incredibly humbled and blessed to be part of this community.

In fact, we hit the goal so fast, I was left wondering what to do next! So here’s what I was thinking made sense at this point:

1 – Keep giving, if you’d like. The Broadwell family has a much larger goal ($50K), so you can keep giving if the story moves you to make a donation. We’ll be accepting donations until March 15 as we originally stated. Please use [email protected] as the email address for your PayPal donation.

2 – Let’s give them a card with your words of encouragement. In addition to presenting the family with a check in a couple weeks, I’d love to give them a virtual card that has your kind thoughts, inspirational quotes or stories of how you’ve battled cancer. You can share your thoughts on the original blog post:

We can pull all of our encouraging words together in a little ebook (anybody up for helping to create it?) that we can present to the family along with our collective donations.

Ultimately, all I can really say is “Thank You!” You guys are truly awesome!

Humbled and grateful,

Steve (aka Mr. GovLoop)

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