GovGoodies: Your Face on a SeeClickFix T-Shirt

I happen to be in Washington, DC, this week to welcome our new fellows and connect with a few other folks while I’m in town. So it’s only appropriate that I’m posting this week’s GovGoodies prize contest as we’re helping SeeClickFix to announce the launch of a Civic Points contest with the District of Columbia.

What? You say there aren’t any problems with city streets and abandoned buildings in our nation’s capitol. Ha! Talk to the people in our Diggin’ the District group. So here’s how the GovGoodies will work (for DC folks only!):

1 – Get the app for your iPhone or Android.

2 – Earn civic points by reporting issues around the city.

3 – Come back to this post and tell us about your progress often!

4 – Be the first to hit 250 points and win your face on a t-shirt that SCF Founder Ben Berkowitz and GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler will wear to 3 big events (places they’ve made appearances in the past include Gov 2.0 Expo, Personal Democracy Forum, SXSW).

5 – Get said t-shirt with your face on it to wear proudly in your DC neighborhood.

It’s that simple: Do good. Fix your city. Become famous.

But watch out…I just may enter the contest myself and rack up some quick points while I’m in the area…game on.

Photo Credit: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1079/844669833_7d964e3866.jpg

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Candace Riddle

LOL. This is AWESOME! Too bad I don’t live in the District. I could have had some fun with this last night in NOVA though…I just somehow didn’t see the point in spending tax payer dollars to run 12 salt trucks (literally, I counted) packed full of salt down 606, when they were forcasting 0-0.25″ of snow. Wonder what the cost of running one of those bad boys (I mean the truck) is?….hmmm. I’ll get back to you on that.