GovLaunch: Marines Release Social Media Handbook

Amazing how quickly things change, two years ago, the Marines banned personnel from using social media and last week the Marines released a social media handbook detailing ways to use social media for improved communications.

Throughout the Marine Corps’ history, people have discussed, debated and embraced the United States Marine Corps and our Marines. These discussions continue today through online conversations and social networks. The Corps recognizes the importance of participating in these conversations and has a basic set of social media principles to help empower Marines and our community to participate in the discussion as better communicators and improved representatives of our Corps.

You can view the entire handbook here and can also view certain sections online at the Marine Corps blog. The handbook gives a variety of great suggestions and tips for how to use social media, even if you are not a Marine. The handbook walks you through privacy settings on Facebook and gives tips to avoid some of the common pitfalls on social media.

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Profile Photo Jay Johnson

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. The Army took the lead and it’s good to see that others are following up on this as an opportunity, not just a problem.

Profile Photo Liamarie ASA

Glad all services are embracing the social network. Even if a concern for security is high, the very fact that the young men and women who serve in the military at remote places on this earth are able to communicate with their loved ones, improved their quality of life 100X over compared to the 1960’s through the 1980’s. GOD BLESS Steve Jobs for his dedication and vision of a free world through technology.