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I just got back from two days at the Harvard Kennedy School for the Government 2.0 conference hosted in conjunction with nGenera (the Wikinomics crew). I was there on a panel speaking about Young Government Leaders and discussing what it will take to get a new generation into government (I think the answer looks a little more like Teach for America, but also could look like Roosevelt Scholars or U.S. Public Service Academy).. My favorite part of attending such conferences is meeting fascinating people who are interested in government and public service. The other panel participants included Ben Rattray, whose is a fascinating social network that helps groups organize around social change and implement action. Other highlights include Andrew McAffee, who coined the term Enterprise 2.0, as well as discussions on Virtual Alabama, Intellipedia, and Diplopedia.

I believe GovLoop is an important part of the Government 2.0 discussion. A key tenant of the framework is the power of mass collaboration. GovLoop provides a central hub for the government community to connect and share information. I find it very encouraging to meet so many engaged people in the government community that are devoted to public service and are creative, innovative, and want to improve the bureaucracy. Every day I encounter a situation or question that I know some government employee out there has already answered. Unfortunately, there has been no previous way to share information and collaborate. Well now there is – together, we can work across agencies, break down silos, and help improve government.

P.S. I’m looking for additional bloggers and ambassadors to help GovLoop provide even more content and a better experience. Please message me if you are interested. It’s a great opportunity to share your ideas and get more involved.

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Please contact me about your CALL for bloggers and ambassadors to help GOVLOOP provide more content and a better experience.