GovLoop Gets Shout Out in The Economist

It’s always nice to get good press, eh?

Well, Steve Ressler and GovLoop got a really nice mention in The Economist today, under the Schumpeter column titled “The wiki way: Two cyber-gurus take a second look at how the Internet is changing the world.” Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Wikinomics is even rejuvenating the fusty old state. The Estonian government approved a remarkable attempt to rid the country of unsightly junk: volunteers used GPS devices to locate over 10,000 illegal dumps and then unleashed an army of 50,000 people to clean them up. Other governments are beginning to listen to more entrepreneurial employees. Vivek Kundra, now Barack Obama’s IT guru, designed various web-based public services for Washington, DC, when he worked for the mayor. Steve Ressler, another American, created a group of web-enthusiasts called Young Government Leaders and a website called GovLoop.

The column invites readers to check out the new book, Macrowikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams (
a GovLoop Advisory Board Member). Fans of their first book (Wikinomics) will really enjoy this “Part 2” – especially folks in government as it takes a deeper dive on the disruptive impact of the Internet on public and social sector institutions.


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