GovLoop Goes to NASCIO and Finds IT Savings

Every year Arkansas Chief Technology Officer, Claire Bailey and her team, create an IT strategic plan. It’s sort of like the wish list kids leave in their stockings for Santa Claus. It contains all the priorities and initiatives the state wants to tackle in the upcoming year and where they are going to need help.

GovLoop wanted to learn more about the Arkansas strategic plan, so we met up with Claire Bailey at the National State Chief Information Officer’s annual conference in Baltimore.

In the video Bailey discussed:

  • How Arkansas uses it’s IT strategic plan to communicate their current IT landscape (equipment) and their vision for the future.
  • How broadband access is playing a critical role in Arkansas’ future.
  • How the IT strategic plan gives potential partners a roadmap to help Arkansas plan for the future.
  • Some of the biggest IT challenges facing Arkansas, specifically how the state keeps up with emerging trends.
  • How the strategic plan address IT and mobility.
  • How to measure the IT strategic plan’s success.

One of the major areas of focus in this year’s strategic plan is to be more energy and eco-efficient.

One of the companies helping with Arkansas’ to be more green is HP. GovLoop also sat down with HP’s Vice President for Public Sector Sales, Randy Anderson at NASCIO.

In the video Anderson discussed:

  • HP’s eco-friendly tools and why they are critical in government right now.
  • How HP’s tools and services are helping agencies save money and time in these tight budget times.
  • How HP’s technology aligns with Arkansas’ strategic plan.

Now we ask you, what are you doing to cut cost and become more efficient? Does your state have a strategic IT plan?

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