GovLoop Poll – How Focused is Your Org On Implementing Gov 2.0?

Last week’s poll was how focused is your organization on implementing Gov 2.0.

The results came in as:

0.0% #1 Focus
28.6% Major Goal
37.1% Minor Push
34.3% No Effort At All

Once again the results were interesting. Interesting that no one has it as the #1 goal. But that makes sense as Gov 2.0 should be focused on helping the mission. It is rarely the mission itself. With the one exception being the teams putting together the Open Government Memo and data.gov

So 28.6% have it down as a major goal so early adopters have begun moving pretty fast. With 37.1% having a minor push and 34.3% at no effort at all still shows that the trick is moving from early adopters to the early majority. That is the real trick and the tough nut to crack. Still a year or two a way in my eyes.

Next week’s question: How Big Is Your Personal Training Budget?

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