Guide to Not Checking Your Email

Interesting guide from a site I like that sounds spammy but is good

Guide to Not Checking Your Email

Step 1: the concept of batching your workflow (this may sound abstract, but it’s the crucial step for plowing through email)

Step 2: how to clear your inbox (how to empty your inbox every day—even when you may already have thousands of messages)

Step 3: how to prevent unnecessary distractions (things you can do in two minutes that’ll reduce your quantity of messages
and help you to spend less time on them)

What’s your email tip?

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Adriel Hampton

As the community lead for a fast-growing company, I get an *insane* amount of email. The way I handle it is quick responses to things I can answer quickly, and starring anything that needs more extensive follow-up or considered thought (I use Gmail and the priority inbox view). I then go back and hit those queued up emails in batches.