Help Make GovLoop More Awesome and Win Tickets at the Same Time

Members are really the lifeblood of GovLoop. You guys make it happen with your posts, responses and just the back and forth that help clear solutions emerge. All that and a million other reasons are why we want more of you around! With more members more problems can get solved and we can continue to make strides at bettering government.

With that said we’d really like to encourage you to invite all your govie buddies to join you and the rest of us in the loop. It can only make the community better, but if that’s not enough to get you pumped we are also giving away tickets for the Next Generation of Government Summit to whoever invites the most people to GovLoop between now and June 25th.

In order for us to keep track of who is invite who we need you to use the invite tab in the top navigation. At the end of the contest period we’ll post and contact who won the free pass for NGG on July 6 and 7 in Arlington.

When you hit invite, you can quickly pull your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo contacts and spread the word

Also even once the contest stops you can still keep inviting people.

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Heather Coleman

Is it just based on the number of invites or do the people actually have to join in order to win the tickets?