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Live-blogging - David Eaves - Open Gov Canada

David Eaves

"to prophesy is difficult - especially about the future" - chinese proverb
"future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed"

So I'm live at the Municipal Information Systems Agency 2010...live-blogging the keynote.

David Eaves

"to prophesy is difficult - especially about the future" - chinese proverb
"future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed"

If government doesn't provide services....others will create them

1. New economics of organizing
-Transaction costs to working together (costs to space, phone lines, etc)
-If transaction costs drop to 0...things change
-Organizing photos from event...used to be so crazy and hard..with print film...with Flickr totally different

-New ways of organizing
- Mozilla - Mike Beltzer is lead developer, 120 work for him, 100s of
daily contributor, 1000s of weekly contributers,
-$200,000 worth of money to buy a full-page ad in NY Times for Mozilla
-Emergent, citizen/consumer lead response to a regulatory crisis
-Self-organizing trust busting
-Canada 25 - New form of public policy ...leveraging young people

-More services
-Lower costs
-faster response times
-happier citizens
-happier staffs

Have to invite people to participate in what you do

2. New opportunities & re-thinking
-KMart vs Wal-Mart
-Wal-Mart as a logistic and data management organization
-Most startegic asset is data and information
-Data and information are strategic resource
-We have citizens vs consumers...we leverage public assets vs private assets

-Bill James...used stats and data
-Everyone hated it...people were worried it would kill scouting

We've been hear before with Open Data...in baseball

3.2 (remember this number)
-Found that the top 2 charities in Toronto were basically frauds
$3.2 billion lost...but then saved...
Because data remains open.

Vancouver data
-graffiti analysis
-3-D model
-daycare locator

-appsfordemocracy.com - First edition of Apps for Democracy yielded 47 apps in 30 days at $2.3 M at a cost of $50k

Open 311...

Some of best parts of Open Data is actually b/w government agencies
-Most agencies don't talk to each other

Shared services review
-Kuali foundation in university sector

Default = collaboration
-1st ? - who needs access? not who doesn't need access?

Public sector service organizations must keep pace with the public's
rising expectations for high quality and cost-effective services

Rising expectations and limited resources dictate the need for
collaboration and partnering...assess how to improve internal

Friending lawyers

Corporate culture
Legal consideration
Resourcing the initiativ

1994 - National data sharing infrastructure
-local to provincial to national spatial data infrastructure

Change happens not when society adopts new tools but when adopts new behavior

-Marketing side - not how real business gets created, how many govt officials actually on twitter

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