Here It Is! Open Gov and Innovations Conference “Tweet Book”

4,423 tweets (150+ pages of data) from 629 contributors at 35 conference sessions, 8 volunteers and 5 days…proposed and produced here on GovLoop in partnership with the 1105 Group. Those are the core elements of the story behind the ebook below. Rather than say much more about it (you can learn about the process here and here), I invite you to read through this compilation of 140-character tweets that capture the essence of the Open Government and Innovations Conference. Enjoy!

Open Government and Innovations Conference “TweetBook”

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Meagen Ryan

I love this! Great to read what went on at sessions I didn’t attend, a helpful memory aid for those that I did attend, and a guide for who I need to follow on Twitter. Thanks, Andy et al, for all your hard work!

Dennis McDonald

Today’s denial of service attack that’s hobbling Twitter is a reminder of the danger of relying too much on such systems for communicating about and delivering public services.

Dennis McDonald
Alexandria VIrginia

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi David – I have to admit that I had not seen your previous tweet summaries until now. There’s just so much going on here at GovLoop….still I can’t believe I missed them. Wow! You had really put a lot of work into those previous blog posts and we (those of us who worked on this project) better appreciate the time it has taken you to review and summarize all of that data. So please let me extend a sincere note of appreciation for your previous work to bring similar information to GovLoop members. For those who haven’t seen it (like me!), check out David’s blog!


David is the rockstar…and to me the founder of Twitter to blog summary…

And Andy is the founder of the Tweeboook IMHO…which is a masterpiece.