How to Incorporate Open Source Thinking into Cloud Computing – GL Training – 8/11

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Every conference I go to there seems to be whole sessions devote to cloud computing and whole separate sessions to open source. However, you rarely see to see the two discussed in the same session or discussion.

Which is weird because open source software has provided the foundation for many cloud computing implementations, one prominent example being the Hadoop framework.

Additionally NASA Nebula cloud infrastructure was built upon open source technology and was so successful that the NASA CTO Chris Kempjust left government to form a whole company around this infrastructure (interestingly the company is named Nebula)

Further, a lot of the thinking behind cloud computing and open source is very similar. For example, I think both communities are about not reinventing the wheel but learning from each other and leveraging existing resources and development. Whether that’s using a cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to reinvent or spend time thinking about hosting or scaling your infrastructure OR a open source community around Linux or Drupal learning and sharing code around various implementations and use cases.

Honestly, I think we are still in the early stages of how to incorporate open source thinking into cloud computing. And I’m not the expert in the discussion (there’s some great ideas from folks like Tim O’Reilly).

So I’m excited to have a great discussion next Thursday, 8/11 at 2pm with experts J.J. Toothman (NASA), Joshua L. Davis (Georgia Tech), and Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat) where we’ll be discussing this topic, sharing examples and lessons from mil-OSS to DHS to NASA, and taking your Q&A.

Hope to see you there…it’s free to register. Go here.

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