How to Leverage Technology to Improve Customer Service

GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service In Government

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest resource, The GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government. In this report, experts in the field provide insights and best practices to improve customer service in government. Be sure to check out the home page to view additional resources related to customer service.

Technology has forever changed the way organizations deliver customer service. For many agencies, technological advances have streamlined processes, increased transparency, and improved communication between the customer and the agency. However, technology is only one piece of the pie. The human aspect, which means having the right customer outlook, an eagerness to help, and the ability to answer questions, is equally important to improved customer service.

Technology is critical to improved service, but many challenges still remain. Our report highlights three tactics that will help agencies fully leverage the potential of technology: implement, train, and staff, use collaborative technology to share information, and use technology to improve data management.

Implement, Train, and Staff-To fully leverage technology, agencies will need to staff accordingly and train end users to use the technology. Therefore, it is important to develop a clear strategy of how your agency will use new and emerging technology.

Use Collaborative Technology to Share Information:The beauty of technology is its ability to connect people. Agencies should use technology to share data, best practices, customer service policies, and great customer experience stories. The more knowledge shared, the more equipped employees will be to serve customers.

Use Technology to Improve Data Management-With the large amounts of data streaming into agencies, it is important to use technology to help with the data management. Technology can also help drive efficiencies and optimize services through an improved understanding of the data.

How is your agency using technology to improve service?

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