IoE from A to Z

Have you ever heard the rap song “Alphabet Aerobics”? If not, go listen to it now. I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve heard the song, you’re probably wondering what all of those random things the artists mentions have to do with each other. My conclusion is… not much.

CIO of the Federal Communications Commission, Dr. David Bray, agreed that “Alphabet Aerobics” is a great but somewhat random string of alphabetized words. So he improved it.

At yesterday’s DigitalGov Summit, Dr. Bray explained how the Internet of Things is expanding in scope and complexity to become the Internet of Everything. He showed us what the connected world of the future might look like. He also examined how these changes will impact the way government–and everyone else–operates.

And he did all that with his own, more cohesive alphabet aerobics. So without further ado, here’s Dr. Bray’s A-Z explanation of IoE. (You might want to find someone to beatbox as your read.)

Always-on Access



We all must address the digital divide

Bring your own _____ 

Be it earpieces, glasses, or watches… What we wear will be online

Careful Caution

Correlations cross connected data

Crucial we protect privacy

Data Deluge

Global Data in 2020 should exceed all words humanity has ever said!


Everywhere, everyone, everything

From fourteen billion devices now

In five years: Fifty billion (or more!)

Great opportunities

Greater results

Government reinvented

How best to engage the public?

How best with local governments?

How best to help each other?

It’s important to include

All perspectives in initiatives

Including those who opt-out of internet use

Just because data sources can be joined, doesn’t mean we should

Joint discussions with the public on privacy by design

Key to keep in mind:

The public will help regularly remind

That we must serve benevolently and kind

Letting anyone reuse our code

License liberties will promote more trust

Leverage future reuse across our efforts

Makers movements means

More can manufacture

Mass fabricated tools affordably

Notions of what nations solely did

Near future may challenge

New tech is about networks

Open source and security

Open design and APIs

Open choices for us all

Promoting positive change

Perhaps the perplexing part: legacy processes

Future depends on purposeful transformations

Quite simply: Tech changes how we organize

Quite the question: How will we?

Raising questions:

Regarding the future of security?

Rational online discussion?

Representative democracy?

Scale of change

Since it is not linear, it’s exponential

Search by keywords one day will no longer suffice

Trying to tell what is important in the data deluge

Techniques, tools, and tactics transform how we will work

Ultimately it’s about uses

Use by humans trusting humans

Use by machines trusting machines<






With the coming future

We’re going where we’ve never been

We will need new ways to adapt


eXperiments to eXchange eXpertise

You matter more than ever

You can help transform our public service

You can be positive change agents

Zeros and ones – It’s much more than that

Zooming towards the future while remaining true to ‘we the people’


To learn more about IoE, you can access all of Dr. Bray’s presentation slides here.

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