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The Role of Compliance Automation

Compliance automation is a new approach to achieve and maintain compliance. It uses code to automate the implementation, validation, remediation, monitoring and reporting of an agency’s security. It allows agencies to quickly deploy audit-ready environments that are pre-configured to meet compliance requirement

Do You Know CDM Phase 4?

In response to network security challenges, the Department of Homeland Security created the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation, or CDM, program. The CDM Program is organized into four distinct phases designed to address each layer of agency cybersecurity. We’re tackling Phase 4.

How to Achieve FedRAMP Compliance

In a super-connected world with ubiquitous technology, agencies must have a well–defined yet agile program to address and respond to cyber risks. That usually means moving many processes and tools into the cloud, but how do agencies do that effectively? For most agencies, the answer lies in partnership with FedRAMP-authorized providers

Common Myths About Cloud Backup

In healthcare agencies, it’s critical that data not only be secure but also available in the case of disaster. In the event of a system failure or cybersecurity breach, healthcare organizations must be able to quickly recover secure copies of patient, provider and payer data. Access to this information could literally be a life orRead… Read more »