Just like sports — government websites should be accessible to everyone

“The Paralympics just wrapped up in London, world coverage of the 2nd biggest multinational event has highlighted how sport should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their disability, but what about the accessibility of websites?” asked Jack Oldham.

Jack Oldham is the Marketing Coordinator at Siteimprove.

Oldham told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program why making sites accessible is key.
Jack Oldham talks accessability of websites by GovLoop Insights

“20% of people have a disability that make it difficult for them to use a website,” said Oldham.

From the Start: “If you start with accessibility in mind, it will make implementing accessibility requirements much easier and cheaper,” said Oldham.

Cost:Web accessibility can be expensive,, but if you do it from the beginning it’s cheaper. But in the end it will save costs because more people will be able to go online and not have to call in problems or come into the office,” said Oldham.

“Using a professional tool like Siteimprove Quality Assurance and Accessibility automatically detects and monitors future issues, thus saving costs and helping to improve your website’s accessibility,” said Oldham.

We want to know, what tools help you bring accessibility to your website? What are some good examples of accessible websites?

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