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Live in 20 Minutes – GovLoop Training – Citizen Survival Guide


Still time to sign up!!!! 20 minutes to kick off!!!!

Want training? Can’t afford it? GovLoop Training is here – and FREE!

Yeah..pretty rad, eh? Been hearing from lots of GovLoopers that they want more specific online training on GovLoop.

So you ask, we deliver…with cool training certificates included (***You won’t be disapointed***)

To kick it off, on August 25th we have:

GovLoop Training Series:
Citizen Engagement Survival Guide: 5 Ways to serve citizens in today’s Social Media culture


In today’s 24/7 social media culture expectations have never been higher for government agencies to serve and respond to their constituents in new and quicker ways. Join us for an interactive 1 hour training webinar where we will discuss:

1. What is Social Citizen Engagement?
2. Social Citizen Engagement issues – what are the challenges and expectations?
3. Best Practices – learn 10 ways to serve citizens based on what government agencies are doing today, what technologies are available, and how agencies can manage the “customer service-cost” dilemma.

During this training webinar you will hear from social media experts (that’s me and GovLoop Andy), government practitioners (rockstar Dan Munz of GSA) and leading technology providers (fine folks at Right Now).

Date: August 25, 2010

Time: 2PM ET

Register Here:


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