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By now, you’ve probably noticed a guy named Stephen Peteritas running around GovLoop, posting awesome questions and being uber-active. Well, it’s time to bring him out from the shadows and formally introduce the newest member of the GovLoop family (who’s not really that new anymore since he’s already been around for a few months). Anyway, here’s my interview with him:

1. Who’s this Stephen guy we’ve been seeing around GovLoop lately?
We’ll I guess for those familiar with the community I might as well be Andy K, Jr. My role is basically to be in the community all day every day – not that I don’t enjoy it though. So that could be doing anything from writing blogs and forums all the way to coding a new section of the site. You’ll see me playing devil’s advocate from time to time as well. Also a big part of what I do is learning from you guys. Being new to government I pick up a wealth of knowledge every day.

Editor’s Note: Andy K, Jr., joined us just before Stephen…but I love all my children equally. 🙂

2. Where in the world did you come from?
I’m originally from Kansas and if there’s any other Jayhawks out there please let me know. I used to work in the news industry and while I dabbled in TV my main focus was bringing traditional media into the Web 2.0 age.

3. What’s your role at GovLoop?
Haha this question makes me laugh because as a small team any role is really everyone’s role. GovLoop is definitely not your average place to work. If I had my way, my business card would say “jack of all trades” or maybe even “renaissance man” but instead it says online producer. Generally I’m the hands on person with the community. The features you see and the the pictures the accompany them are normally me. If you like them thank you if you hate them deal with it … haha kidding actually let me know we are always up for suggestions at GovLoop. I also stay on top on community issues and stimulate conversation when necessary.

Editor’s Note: We have officially changed Stephen’s title and business cards to “GovLoop Renaissance Man.” His next task is finding an appropriate superhero suit (or the costume above) to wear to the office and at public events.

4. How are you different from Steve, me and Megan?
I would say the number one thing that makes me different from the rest of my AWESOME team is that I’m not from the government background. Yes, I have a working knowledge of the government but at the same time it’s all new to me so I tend to ask a lot of the WHY questions. I do however have a Web 2.0 background so it’s interesting to have a grasp of how the rest of the world is using these tools and then seeing how the government implements them. I think it allows me to bring a fresh eye to the table which isn’t always a bad thing to have. And sidenote I’m always down to try new things (not that Andy, Steve and Megan aren’t) so please any feedback you have on the community just hit me up and we’ll chat!

5. What’s your favorite conversation/content on GovLoop to date?

Definitely something that gets comments. Those are what make it truly interesting for me, when something becomes a conversation rather than just a rant. If I had to pick a certain blog that I particular like I’d go with Bill Brantley. I normally find his stuff well informed and easy to read. But I also love Steve’s top whatever lists especially ones that focus on the work place, just to see if he leaves subtle on how to keep the bossman happy.

6. What do you do when we don’t have you chained to your desk in DC?
Right now I basically just explore. I meet all these people who have lived here a lot longer than me and they all say ‘oh, I don’t know that much about the city’ which is a little sad to me. I really like to be able to know the hot spots and the cityscape as a whole and really connect with my town so being new I’m just trying whatever is recommended and then some. Feel free to tell me your favs. Also I like to stay active by playing tennis, swimming and basically anything that involves a ball.

Editor’s Note:
Stephen rocks. Show him some love, GovLoop peeps!


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Charles Knickerbocker

GovLoop Renaissance Man in spandex. Definitely spandex. But No Capes! I see something of a cross between Captain America and an Apple Genius bar prole. And a RedWhite&Blue netbook instead of the shield.
Seriously, you all do incredible work. Much appreciated.