New Employee Guide – Part 5 – Keep It Going

New Employee Guide – Part 5 – Keep it Going

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Now that you’ve gotten started, you have to keep it going. You need to continue to evolve in order to grow – as the saying – Is your 10 years of experience really
one year of experience you’ve done 10 times.yes””> Or ten separate one years of interest, different,
challenging experiences.

1 – Offer to help – Nobody likes to join committees, special groups, details. You should join – you meet lots of new people that can help your career and you learn new skills.

2 – Keep relationships – People move around in their careers. Keep in touch with your current and past colleagues. You
never know their next move and they may need a person like you

3 – Learn every day – Take new training classes. Take new assignments. Keep your brain moving.

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Sterling Whitehead

After this weekend, I’d add (a) attend un-conferences, (b) blog on your topic all you can, and (c) market your blog and yourself as a brand all you can (i.e. flavors.me, etc)

Marcie Stone

I’m actually commenting as I’m in a week long training class… a couple of other ideas on the above great tips from Steve:
1. Take Training – both internally and externally. I love to listen to the trainers and experts, and get inspired by their motivational phrases and sayings. You never know when you’ll get that “ah-ha” moment that may push you into that next step on your job path.
2. Ditto on Developing Relationships – learn about people on a personal level. I just heard a great quote today – “It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.” I’ve done the best team building and bonding at happy hours and lunches. Someone else told me the secret to his success was to knock on doors. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can.
3. Find out what Motivates Others, and what Motivates You. I’m always interested in how people ended up in their current profession and what drives them. It’s an interesting way to get to learn about your peers, about your agency, and maybe about where your next career step should be.