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Oracle’s Latest Move Is BIG

Following the procurement and acquisition cycles of leading companies can be a daunting process, yet it is often the best way to predict which technologies will become essential in the years to come. An important example of an acquisition with this kind of significance is Oracle’s recent purchase of Big Machines, a cloud-based platform.

At GovLoop, we have documented extensively the rise of cloud technology. Oracle’s latest acquisition of Big Machines confirms that cloud-based applications are not only here to stay, but are becoming the preferred industry platform.

Cloud-based Big Machines has emerged as the leading Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provider. According to Forbes, “Of the many strategies enterprises can pursue to increase selling effectiveness, CPQ has continually delivered reliable, measurable results. Gartner reported earlier this year that CPQ is one of the hottest areas of CRM [Customer Relationship Management] growth.” It is no coincidence that the leading CPQ provider is run through the cloud. When CPQ first emerged, it was predicted that the technology would be run 50% on-premise, 50% on cloud (according to Forbes), yet today the most successful CPQ applications are run through the cloud and are inspiring their peers to follow.

Oracle’s announcement about their recent acquisition of Big Machines emphasized the suite of cloud technologies that would now become a part of their CRM strategy. CPQ providers on cloud-based platforms offer industry leaders like Oracle an edge in CRM. Oracle’s CRM strategy of marketing, sales, CPQ, commerce, service, and social aspects of sales all will now be run through the cloud-based services of Big Machines.

Big Machines is only one aspect of Oracle’s influential shift to cloud as part of a revolutionary sales strategy. According to Forbes, Oracle will make cloud the basis of all sales technology for Oracle customers.

What does this mean for government agencies? This latest acquisition shows that Oracle is confident enough in the cloud to base their sales strategy on this platform. Oracle consistently works with government to deliver innovative and secure outcomes for agencies. By moving sales to the cloud, Oracle is demonstrating that running critical objectives through the cloud is optimal.

Oracle’s example should alleviate those fears, especially considering the CRM application. Implementing the best CRM strategies is becoming increasingly important for government. According to a recent GovLoop survey, 85% of government employees identify customer service as a critical aspect of their job. Our Customer Service Playbook for Government explains that optimized CRM in government is not just better for citizens, it is now mandated under two important executive orders. Oracle’s example shows that running CRM through the cloud can deliver these important outcomes for government.

Industry leader Oracle is sending a powerful example with their latest acquisition. Cloud-based platforms are quickly becoming essential for critical mission objectives, especially CRM and sales. Now that Oracle has come to depend on cloud to meet these goals, when will government follow suit?

Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems that helps organizations overcome complexity and unleash innovation.. Check out their Optimize with Oracle group on GovLoop as well as the Technology Sub-Community of which they are a council member.

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