Pardon Our Dust – GovLoop Making Some Changes…

As I mentioned in my GovLoop A Year in Review, Look Ahead blog post in 2012, we are focusing even deeper as being the knowledge network for government.

In our conversations and surveys with members, we’ve been hearing a need for more focus (with over 1,000 groups and 20,000 blogs and discussions it can be hard to find what you want) and more modern, clean design.

  • So this week we’ll be launching a new home page redesign with a focused structure on seven key sub-communities (technology, acquisition, project management, human resources, leadership, communication, careers).

  • The goal with the design is really to provide focused attention to the major topical areas on GovLoop and ensure with expert facilitators that there is consistent conversations and information on the top topics that GovLoop members care about.

We will be rolling out these features starting today – so please pardon our dust as we roll-out this new approach. I’m sure there will be bugs and issues. Check out this discussion and let us know if you see any bugs or have any questions.

We’ll be doing a full release next Tuesday (January 17th) where we’ll share even more information and explain further in multiple blogs, newsletters, and more. Just wanted to give folks a heads up in case they run into issues this week.


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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I like the new communities of interest. Not that I’m not interested in the other areas, but when you are looking for information relating to one discipline, it’s nice to have a clearinghouse for all related topics. I also like the news feeds – sort of like a Twitter feed. Thanks for constantly improving GovLoop to better serve your users’ needs.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Robert – customer service will fall under “communications.” That sub-community also encompasses citizen engagement.

Henry Brown

Found Cybersecurity!

wonder if Geeks in Gov should also fall under the technology group or perhaps add another group calling after hours (or something) and include The Break Room: The Left Bank; Ancient Media: Books; Geeks in Government; travel and perhaps others