Per Diem Calculator for Government Travel (New and Improved!)

About one year ago, GovLoop created its first mash-up: a combination of GSA Per Diem Rate data, Yelp user ratings and Eventul content so that we could help official government travelers to learn what locals say are the best hotels, restaurants and nightlife in that city.*


Well, GSA just updated its per diem rates on October 1, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to revamp the Per Diem Calculator as well. I’ve highlighted a few of the changes below**:

And if you click “Trip Summary,” you’ll see a few more changes:

Have you used the Per Diem Calculator?

If so, share your stories about how it’s helped you to maximize your government travel within the limits of per diem!

* NOTE: You don’t have to be traveling on government per diem to use this calculator! Why not use it to go out in your own city and stay within a decent budget? Where else can you plan a whole date night in one place? 😉

** Give us your feedback and we’ll make it even more valuable in the next iteration!


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Charles Johnstone

Excellent mashup! I really like the idea of yelp ratings and events! One problem…events don’t seem to be working. I entered zip code 05468 and the events were broken.

Steve Bittenbender

I love this! Only one problem — when I type the ZIP code 21244 (CMS), it gives me the Baltimore City per diem instead of the Baltimore County per diem.