Phone Tips & Tricks: All in the Family

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A lot of us out there can probably relate to one of these scenarios: We have either spent a huge amount of money on our kids’ cell phone plans, or our inability to stay under 10,000 minutes/texts a month has caused our parents more than a few headaches.

There lies the beauty of the family plan. With a customizable plan for your family, your text-crazy son can stay within his limits and your chit chatting daughter can talk to her heart’s delight without running up the bill.

Do you have a family plan?

How has a family plan helped cut down your cell phone costs?

Do you customize for each member?

Share your comments below!

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Wayne M. Ross

I like that term ”chit chatting daughters”. I have two of these animals.They got out of control about a year ago with txts and voice calls. I call my provider and told them, ” I need help with this issue”, or I would drop them and find someone that could help. They was very quick to help. My family plan now gives me the ability to monitor and control when they can txt or anything with their cells. They don’t like me turning off their connections at 10:00pm at night, or doing a printed analysis for them to review. The new plan also lets me know whom they are calling and who is calling them. Also it can tell me where they are or the cell phone is located. Believe me they will not be far from the phone. I like the control!

Shannon Donelson

My parents realized (after a whole lot of overage charges) that I was the “texter” of the family. They decided to tailor our family plan to give me fewer minutes and unlimited texts to balance everything out. Worked like a charm. My parents and sister had more minutes to share and I could text all the live long day!