Phone Tips & Tricks: Bluetooth Basics

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We’ve all heard of the term, Bluetooth, but many of us have no idea what this tool is and what it actually does. For this week’s Phone Tips & Tricks post, we will be talking about the basics of Bluetooth:

(Information provided by Bluetooth)

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is wireless technology that comes already built into a various products including mobile phones and computers. Bluetooth is all about connecting and sharing. With bluetooth technology you can share voice, music, photos, videos, and other information wirelessly between two paired devices.

What else can Bluetooth technology do?

Bluetooth was originally created to be a replacement for cables and wires between things like phones and headsets or computers, keyboards and mice. It works great in those devices and it can do so much more – connecting TVs, music players and even home healthcare devices.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth?

With Bluetooth you can:

  • Exchange data between computers and devices
  • Connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth compatible printer, headset, headphones, or speakers.
  • Share an internet connection with other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Use a Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard or mouse.

Do You Use Bluetooth?

How Has Bluetooth Had an Impact on Your Mobility?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

I was in a mobile store and the employee described to me how he had pretty much set up his entire home so that he could run it from his phone-as-remote-control using bluetooth plug-ins. Sounded pretty amazing.