Phone tips & Tricks: Hear and Be Heard

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I don’t know about you, but I still get a weird feeling when I see a person walking down the street talking or singing to themselves. Then I get a little closer and realize that they aren’t crazy, they are just cell phone savvy.

Today I want to talk about headphones: A simple concept, but these gadgets have a lot to offer.

Have you ever been on a busy street with the phone pressed to your ear and a finger plugging the other. You quickly find yourself becoming “that” guy/gal who is yelling “What? What was that? I can’t hear you!”

There is a solution. Here’s the top reasons why cell phone headphones are awesome.

Headphones/sets allow you to:

-Take your phone calls on the go

-Free up you hands and allow yourself to multitask

-Hear what your caller is actually saying, with clarity

-Be heard by those on the receiving end of your call

-Listen to music on your smartphone while never missing a call

-If your place of work doesn’t allow streaming of music, you can use headphones to listen to music on your phone via cool apps like Pandora.

Do you use a headset for calls?

Do you listen to music on your phone with headphones?

Share your comments below!

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Susan Thomas

I tend not to take calls in public, unless I believe the call is urgent. I generally take calls when I am in a private place and use the speaker feature or a headset. I am amused at people who are in public, carry on what are clearly are intimate conversations and appear to expect privacy.