Phone Tips & Tricks: “Point and Shoot”

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I’ve been seeing a lot of images from all over after last week’s east coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene. This got me thinking. Our world has changed so drastically since the evolution of the camera phone. This technology really has come full swing and has had a huge impact on how we see our world and share news. For this week’s Phone Tips & Tricks post, we will be talking about the camera phone.

Camera phones used to be a tool to have on hand when you really needed to have a camera, but now, the latest technology, phones have become the new point and shoot cameras.

So what are the benefits of using your camera phone?

-This is a camera you will rarely forget: We’ve all run into those instances when we have a perfect photo opportunity, and no way to capture it. I don’t know about you, but my phone is pretty much on me at all times. With a camera phone, you are always ready to snap!

-Your phone may take better pictures than your digital camera: For those of you who have your basic point and shoot cameras, your phone may actually be a better camera. Camera phones these days have more megapixels, better lenses, and a ton of storage.

-Cool apps make you look like a professional: Apps like Instagram allow users to edit photos taken on their phones with cool image filters. Photos can then be shared with friends who use Instagram, or on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

-Be a reporter: I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve seen breaking news on CNN that came from a person’s camera phone. News media all over the world are using user generated content more and more to report the news as it happens.

-No Waiting: There’s no longer a need to wait to get home from a trip to upload pictures. For instance, If you and your spouse take a picture on the Eifel Tower using a camera phone, you can instantly share it with all of your friends and loved ones online. No need to wait to have access to your computer and computer cord.

Camera phones are changing the way our world shares information and memories. If you don’t already use the camera function on your phone, give it a whirl! You never know when it will come in handy.

Do you use your camera on your mobile phone?

What is the best picture you have taken?

When do you take pictures with your camera phone the most?

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Jeff Ribeira

I used to be completely against having a camera on a phone. It’s really only since the rise of internet phones and higher megapixels that I am beginning to see the value. It is always nice to have at least something to snap a quick pic or video of those unexpected and spontaneous moments when you’re on the go.