Phone Tips & Tricks: Would You Return a Lost Phone?

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I know someone who recently left their phone on the Metro, yes the busy Metro. What’s the worst part? She lost it during rush hour. While still hopeful she could get her phone back in her hands, she went through the motions of reporting it to the Metro officials. She also called her phone several times when she got to her office, but no one picked up. It is most likely that she will never see that phone again.

I’m sure this happens to a lot of folks. We never realize how dependent we are on our phones until we’ve lost them.

Have you ever lost a phone in a public place? What did you do?

Have you ever found a phone on public transportation? What would you do?

Share your stories below!

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Megan Price

Thanks to my dear colleagues, my ability to be a complete idiot is now on GovLoop 🙂

But I’m only admitting that they are referring to me in this story to share with you my Top 5 Lessons learned from losing a phone:

1) Google phone actually works (used it to yell at my carriers [not Sprint] definition of “overnight shipping”)
2) Video chatting with colleagues and family is actually quite nice
3) It’s a misconception to think you can contact anyone via the web (i.e. relatives)
4) It’s not yet socially acceptable to carry your iPad/tablet everywhere you go; and
5) It’s actually kind of nice to have no responsibility to call/text someone back (selfish I know)
So, as you can see it’s not all bad; mainly just inconvenient. It makes me realize how much I actually used my phone, for phone talking purposes. Kind of wish I just had my old flip phone back…for the time being 🙂