Protecting Your Cell Phone

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It’s a great feeling to get a new phone. It’s like a fresh start. It’s like a new relationship. It takes getting used to, but it’s exciting. Most importantly, you must protect it. To continue on with our series let’s talk about “Protecting Your Cell Phone.”

Here are the Top 10 reasons you should protect your phone with a cell phone case:

  1. Cases making grabbing “grabable,” which actually decreases the risk of dropping your phone in the first place.
  2. Let’s face it, we all have our clumsy moments and when we do drop our phones, shock absorption of a cell phone cover keeps the cell phone safe from cracking or breaking in case of drop on a hard surface.
  3. A cover protects your phone from dirt, dust and environmental particles, so it stays clean and clear.
  4. Covers save the screen of the cell from all kinds of wear and tear including fingerprints.
  5. On the off chance your phone decides to join you for a dip in the pool or you get caught in an unexpected and unruly rainstorm, water resistant phone covers will keep the water out and protect your phone from terrible water damage fees and replacements.
  6. Has your phone ever had a mind of it’s own and called the wrong person at the wrong time? Screen protectors and phone covers keep phones from being overly “touch sensitive.”
  7. It increases the resale value of your phone by keeping it away from most of the destructive agents.
  8. Cell phones get hot– When electrical current flows from the battery to the phone it creates heat due to resistance in the wiring and circuitry. A case will keep you from sweating while you chat.
  9. How many people have the exact same phone as you? A case will make your phone stand out from the rest.
  10. All in all, a case can make you look more macho, or girly.

Don’t know which case is best for you? Here are some of my favorites:

  1. I love Otterbox cases. I actually have one myself and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I feel like I can toss my phone around anywhere without the fear of it breaking. If it drops on concrete, no problem. Otterbox has designed cases for a huge variety of phones. It doesn’t matter which carrier you have, Otterbox has you..covered.
  2. For those of you who want to add extra personality to your phone, Sprint’s Skin cases by SkinIt are really awesome. You can either choose a skin from various categories (everything from football to fashion) or customize your own by adding your own images. You can even show off your GovLoop pride:

Have any favorite types of cases?

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