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Robotic Uprising? Affirmative!

I, like a few others, were intrigued when Watson, the IBM robot, beat out Jeopardy all-stars back in February…but it left us all thinking: “What Does This Mean Now?”

We all hope the data that is constantly being collected and consumed can be analyzed and used for the greater good. Can a robot really streamline this process and make things happen quicker and easier than a human can? It seems like the answer is yes. [which always makes me think of Flight of the Concords]

In a few weeks, you have the opportunity to hear more about Watson and the advancements he will be leading if you attend FOSE and listen to Dr. David McQueeney, Vice President of Software at IBM Research, as he will provide insights on how the groundbreaking achievements in the technology incorporated with Watson can lead to advancements and efficiencies in such areas as education, economic development, health, transportation and public safety.

FOSE is taking place July 19-21 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC. Register today, utilize the GovLoop discount ( “govloop” for $100 off) and learn more about Watson and many other topics!

You can also engage with IBM, dive into analytical conversations and find intriguing discussions in the Analytics to Outcomes Group here on GovLoop.

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Analytics and Robots – most fascinating, I too started on SAS, and so many years later, hope not too think of self as one or have a good answer to any one calling me one. Wondering if one does indeed want to think of itself as other than a robot, but from an alternative starting point, symmetry sure breaking down.