Public Cloud For The Public Sector

Within cloud computing, services can be offered privately by a service provider or publicly when applications and storage are available to the general public over the internet. Both models have their own advantages in cost and efficiency. Public clouds are often the most budget-conscious platform through their unique cost-sharing capabilities.

The public cloud is just as secure and efficient as rival systems, despite myths to the contrary. HP’s latest innovation in secure public cloud technology should be enough to sway skeptics and prove once and for all public clouds could be the best solution for many government agencies. HP’s public cloud service is tailored for enterprise-grade systems and includes a cutting-edge identity management tool.

HP recently unveiled its public cloud management console, which operates through an OpenStack Horizon dashboard to allow users to control security, adoption, management, and scalability tools in one central location, according to Computer Business Review.

“The new console provides consumers with enhanced ease and security via identity management capabilities, networking topology maps, and supports new HP Cloud Relational Database service,” CBRonline says.

In addition, HP assures clients that this public cloud has the enterprise-grade capabilities that government agencies require. These features include role-based access and a common user interface that delivers a mature platform for all users.

HP is also developing Horizon with Cloud OS, a hybrid cloud service. For agencies hoping to make the most out of both private cloud and public clouds, this hybrid cloud service provides a revamped distribution network (CODN), simplified infrastructure provisioning and improved multi-region support that allows for IT administrators to make use of the system.

With the right tools from HP, public clouds can become the preferred platform for government agencies. What could your agency do with HP’s public cloud management?

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