Your Resource Guide for the Presidential Transition

America has some big changes coming up as the next administration is voted in and prepares to take over. While a lot of individuals are working hard to make the transition as seamless as possible, many govies are still wondering what the transition will mean for them. For this week’s DorobekINSIDER, we wanted to provide a little clarity and give you a list of resources that can help you prepare for and go through the transition.

The Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition

The Partnership’s Center for Presidential Transition aims to help presidential candidates and their transition teams be prepared to govern from day one. The platform offers resources for the incoming administration, outgoing administration, federal agencies and political appointees. Additionally, they put together a comprehensive guide that highlights different transition work streams in the incoming administration. If you want to do additional reading, their resource library includes information on everything from developing a management roadmap, to engaging Congress, to preparing appointees to succeed.

Presidential Transition Directory

Sponsored by GSA, the Presidential Transition Directory is designed to connect people working to usher in the next federal government with the resources they need to succeed in their efforts. The Directory offers and overview of the federal government structure, the hiring process and what it means to be a federal employee, a transition overview guide, records management guidelines for federal employees, as well as external resources about the election process and presidential transition. This platform helps add context to federal employees’ roles, whether you’re a career federal servant or just breaking into the government.

GSA’s Presidential Transition Platform

GSA plays a big role in assisting each transitioning administration. Their Presidential Transition platform explains how they are helping with the smooth transfer of executive branch operations. The website offers resources about presidential transitions generally and about specific laws and regulations surrounding transitions. You can also access the Plum Book, a compilation of the federal civil service position that may be subject to noncompetitive appointment.

Senior Executives Association Presidential Transition Resources

The Senior Executives Association’s platform houses a comprehensive list of 2016 Presidential transition resources in order to provide advice and support to career executives navigating the transition. Some of their resources include live and on demand webinars, a Handbook of Presidential Transition for Federal Career Executives, as well as resources from the 2008 transition.

Transition 2016 Initiative

The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Transition 2016 Initiative works to equip the federal government for success from day one of the new administration. On the platform you can check out upcoming transition panels as well as transition forums and blogs. NAPA also hosts the Political Appointee Project, which provides resources on how to reform the political appointment process and advice to political appointees.

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