A Better Strategy to Stop Insider Threats

In 2015 so far, the number of people affected by U.S. government cyberattacks has reached an all-time high. From the OPM breach to lesser-known attacks, cybersecurity is rightfully a massive concern for government officials.

Although many cybersecurity conversations have centered on online vulnerabilities, few have adequately addressed the physical threat that individuals with privileged access present. Undoubtedly, the public sector would benefit from greater information technology asset security, but this is only one piece of a much larger security puzzle.

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and other leakers of information before them have proven time and again that it takes only one person to put an entire organization at risk. With all that’s at stake, the government cannot afford to overlook the human element of information security.

Insider threats now pose perhaps the greatest cybersecurity risk to the government of any information threat. Who are these people and what can government do to stop them? To understand how to address insider threats, we must first understand where they come from. That’s why GovLoop has partnered with Infor, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise applications, to create this industry perspective.

In this resource, we focus on the rising challenge of insider threats and how predictive analytics, among other approaches, can help keep government data safe.