A Cost-Effective Approach for Managing Data in Government

There are few cross-cutting responsibilities that span all teams, offices and departments in government — regardless of employees’ titles. Take cybersecurity, for example. Agencies continue to evangelize the criticality of securing government networks and have made clear that it’s a shared responsibility, not just the job of a select few in the IT department.

But just as important as cybersecurity — yet often overlooked — is the need for strong data management across organizations. Although employees create, analyze, share and store data in various ways, most don’t see themselves as data stewards with a key role in maintaining and ultimately protecting that data.

To help federal agencies on their journey to better data management and teach government employees how to become better data stewards, GovLoop teamed with Veritas and ThunderCat Technology to produce this report.

In the following pages, we take a deeper dive into the challenges agencies face around secure and cost-effective models for storing data, while also balancing regulatory compliance requirements and accessibility. You’ll also glean best practices for managing data from experts Jonathan Alboum, Public Sector Chief Technology Officer for Veritas, and Derek Morrissette, Lead Solutions Architect for ThunderCat Technology.