Before, During and After an Attack: An Integrated Strategy for Cybersecurity

The world of cybersecurity is immense. The jargon surrounding the subject is nearly as varied. Here are a few examples: There’s malware, damage, espionage, regulation, education, viruses, advanced persistent threats, partners, reputation insider threats – and that’s just a small sample.

Adding to this complexity is a common disconnect between technology experts within the organization, and those who make business decisions across the enterprise. Often, this disconnect can lead to improper security planning and investments.

To help you navigate this process in a way that is understandable for business leaders but also actionable for techies, GovLoop and Cisco have produced this industry perspective on how to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

The approach outlined in this document is designed to use your existing network assets and proposes strategic tools to augment what you already have. To avoid bombarding you with even more jargon, we’ve stripped the strategy down to three accessible concepts: before, during and after a cyberattack. In this way, no matter what your role – whether technology is your whole life or a tool to achieve other goals – we’re all speaking the same language.

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