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12 Things You Should Know About the OPM Breach

There is no shortage of information on the interwebs about the massive Office of Personnel and Management breach that left computer systems and data exposed to hackers. The hard part is cutting through the jargon and speculation to understand what happened and what this hack means for you, especially if you’re one of the 4Read… Read more »

Certificate Authentication is Vulnerable

When cracking passwords becomes as difficult as cracking keys, then passwords will be secure. When it comes to security implementations, there is a big difference between the theoretical and the practical. In the theoretical world all algorithms work flawlessly, there are no infrastructure vulnerabilities, and security protects against every attack. However, in the real worldRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity: No More Rumors

Hacks are no laughing matter. The U.S. government and the American population have lost billions of dollars as a result of IT system hacks. The threats come from all angles – insiders, thieves, terrorists, and your run-of-the-mill bad guys. Cybersecurity is not just a national issue – it’s a national battle. And it’s certainly beenRead… Read more »