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Beyond the Buzz: Your Guide to the Reality of IT Modernization

IT modernization has long been a buzzed-about phrase across federal, state and local governments, especially in the last few years. But for public servants like you, just trying to get through your day to day, all the buzz about IT modernization can seem high-level and inapplicable to the work you do.

In our new guide, we go deeper than the high-level talk and explain what government IT modernization really is and how it directly affects you.

In addition to helping you catch up with the latest news in IT modernization like important legislative initiatives and how to implement newer technologies, this guide breaks down how IT modernization can help you address your mission-critical priorities.

You’ll learn:

  • Five priorities likely to affect all public servants.
  • Insights from federal, state and local government leaders on best practices for IT modernization.
  • How the City of Boston is using modern IT to enhance end user experiences.
  • How GSA is using the TBM framework to remain accountable and transparent.