Continuity After COVID-19: Rising to the Challenge of Remote Work

There was a time when telework was not mission-essential for agencies. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telework has become the only way for many agencies to continue essential operations safely and effectively.

This means that continuity of operations (COOP) is more important than ever.

To better understand this unique situation, we surveyed over 800 government employees in March 2020. Get your free copy of this new report to learn what measures agencies have in place, what cultural challenges the workforce anticipated and what tools employees have to work in this new normal.

In the report, you’ll also explore:

  • Insights¬†from government employees on how they feel about teleworking during COVID-19.
  • How¬†to enable a workforce with all elements of COOP.
  • How having the right tools, resources and culture are necessary for telework.

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