Converging IT to Meet Your Mission Needs

Traditionally, government data centers house large collections of disparate servers, storage and networking equipment that support specific applications. But these traditional methods of managing government data centers are no longer sustainable.

How can government agencies, particularly at the federal level, better manage these ever-increasing volumes of data and their IT infrastructures? The answer lies in converged infrastructure (CI). CI combines servers, storage and networking into a single unit and can improve IT simplicity, speed and affordability.

Learn about the state of government data centers and IT systems, how CI can help and what solutions and strategies can get your agency started on managing a more seamless IT infrastructure. You’ll also hear from experts at IronBrick on navigating government IT and converged best practices:

• Jeff Morrow, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales – National Security Programs

• Paul Selby, Vice President of Sales

• Steve Miller, Director of Consulting

After reading this resource, you’ll have a better understanding of the data center challenges government faces and how CI can address them.