Providing Secure Mobility for Federal Agencies

Federal IT professionals are faced with providing secure technology solutions in a quickly changing IT landscape. In this industry perspective (Download PDF), we explore the Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security (ES) tablet, powered by the dual core Intel® Atom™ processor Z2760. GovLoop, Dell and Intel have partnered to identify how this tablet provides the necessary security requirements to meet the most stringent security needs for federal government agencies.

Tablet applications are clearly growing across federal government, as many organizations are looking to tablets to meet their mission needs. There are dozens of examples as to how agencies have leveraged tablets. Government case studies include:

  • Leveraging tablets to replace paper manuals
  • Conducting inspections and connecting field workers for data collection
  • Managing casework and social programs with increased efficiency

Dell’s connected security approach allows government organizations to securely connect and share intelligence across the entire enterprise, boost IT productivity and protect sensitive information. Dell’s approach allows agencies to meet compliance requirements and maintain business operations with solutions that detect threats and mitigate risks with predictive, context-aware intelligence. The Latitude 10 ES tablet follows Dell’s Connected Security approach. Three core security elements of the Dell Latitude ES include:

  • Embed security at the time of manufacture
  • Protect against threats and mitigate risks- from device to cloud – with predictive intelligence
  • Respond to breaches through immediate detection and eradication

As tablets continue to enter into the workplace, federal government agencies must be assured they are taking a holistic approach to security. Likewise, tablets hold great promise for government as a tool to improve efficiencies, data collection and employee productivity. Due to the associated benefits with tablets, organizations must develop a robust security strategy to protect against emerging cyber threats and facilitate organizational and operational efficiency.

Federal agencies have the same IT needs and opportunities as their private sector counterparts, but they demand a different approach. Dell can help. As a trusted partner of government agencies, we understand your budgets, your complex security and compliance requirements, and your drive toward successful collaboration among agencies. Learn how our comprehensive portfolio of solutions help you plan, implement and maintain your IT initiatives.