Flash Forward: The Next Generation Data Center for Public Sector Organizations

Public-sector agencies are deploying virtualization and cloud services to speed up the performance and responsiveness of key business operations and to lower costs. Some agencies are rolling out virtual desktops to enable workers to be productive from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Virtual servers, the cloud and virtual desktop environments, however, all present a challenge.

These disruptive technologies scale successfully only when high performance storage input/ output (I/O) is available to support them. Flash storage can play a critical role for the public sector in making high performance storage I/O achievable and affordable.

Government agencies – federal, state and local – must keep pace with technology change while at the same time operate in tighter budget environments. They must strive to foster better communication and information-sharing among their workforce, meet the increasing connectivity demands of their constituents and transition to cloud offerings and shared services. What’s more, government data is growing exponentially, putting greater demands on agencies’ data storage capabilities at a time when security and data loss prevention have become national security issues. Government agencies at all levels are turning to solutions that are priced for performance and offer a dedicated high-performance storage platform to support workloads and databases that may be nonsequential.

All-flash storage array solutions can help government leaders and IT managers address these demands successfully. In this Industry Perspective, GovLoop and NetApp, a market leader in flash storage, will discuss the ways in which those solutions can help agencies become more efficient, effective and better meet mission need.