Government in the Cloud: Strategies for Deploying and Migrating to Office 365

It’s not just inevitable, it’s already happening. Government is moving to the cloud. But migrating to the cloud can be an arduous process that can take months, even years to complete. And migrating is only the beginning of the cloud journey. Proper deployment and management are a continuous process.

Fortunately, Metalogix has tools that can help your agency migrate to the cloud. But the way of the future is not just cloud; it’s Microsoft Office 365. For the public sector, Office 365 provides familiarity, security, and increased cost efficiency.

In this Industry Perspective, learn how Metalogix can make your migration and transition to Office 365 less complex and time consuming by helping you:

  • Plan ahead
  • Determine which version of Office 365 is right for your agency
  • Ensure Security Requirements
  • Adopt an agency-wide plan
  • Monitor, manage, and control your services once you’ve completed migration

Office 365 is the new way of cloud for the public sector. In addition to increasing productivity and collaboration, Office 365 is easy to use, secure, and helps government employees to do their work better.