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Revolutionizing Customer Service with Microsoft

This is an excerpt from the recent Customer Service Playbook for Government. In the guide, we detail six plays to help you transform the way your agency serves its citizen users. Despite government investing more time, resources, and knowledge into their customer service initiatives, constituents still don’t seem to be fully satisfied. According to leading… Read more »

How the Cloud Enables Tech Transformations

It’s an accepted fact that cloud is a valuable and respected technology in government, and that it’s quickly evolving and become ever more important in a variety of agencies. But what we don’t often stop to think about is how cloud computing actually enables everybody at all levels of government to achieve something traditionally difficult… Read more »

The Cloud: Information Workers’ Newest Best Friend

Imagine a world where every individual in every organization on any device can run any operating system. Seems unlikely, right? Well, that far-stretched world is here, the one we’re currently living in, and in the recent GovLoop online training, “The Real Journey to the Cloud,” expert panelists discussed the five actors of the cloud and their cross-cutting… Read more »

What is Platform-as-a-Service?

If your agency isn’t currently deploying Platform-as-a-Service, it’s a safe bet it will be soon. That’s because PaaS is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 41 percent through 2016, according to Market Monitor. The civil side of the federal government expects to spend $643 million on PaaS next year. The investment represents… Read more »

HP Holiday Joyride in DC

The holiday season is upon us which means there’s lots of fun and festive things going on in and around your city. One of those was the HP Holiday Joyride– which combines new technology with holiday cheer. Starting off in Palo Alto, California the HP Caravan ended its journey in Washington DC this past weekend…. Read more »