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How Cloud Powers Better Constituent Services With Data: What You Need to Know

There are many reasons agencies adopt the cloud: agility, cost savings, reliability, and scalability. But one of cloud’s biggest benefits is improved data access. Agencies that can access the right information at the right time can deliver more impactful programs, improve existing services, and make better decisions. For instance, quality data access can improve elections, emergency resources and other public services.

For example, King County, Washington has experienced cloud’s usefulness firsthand. The county switched to the cloud in 2015 after using legacy technology for a decade. The impact was immediate. King County saved $1 million in its first year of using the cloud. King County estimated that after 2015, using cloud would save the county $200,000 annually.

This new pocket guide gives an overview of how the cloud enables better services, why this issue matters to state and local governments, how agencies can improve in this area and provides case studies and how-tos that will help at any stage of cloud adoption.


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