Improving the Quality of Experience for Critical Apps

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a virtual meeting, and all of a sudden the audio gets choppy or — even worse — you’re dropped from the meeting entirely. It usually takes a minute for you to regain your bearings, reconnect to the meeting and try to dive back into the discussion.

It’s frustrating, to say the least. For remote employees in the field or those who telework extensively, muffled audio and grainy screens aren’t just frustrating; they hinder employees from getting their jobs done. The reality is well-functioning voice, video and collaboration technologies are no longer nice-to-haves; in today’s world, they are must-haves.

But when the technology doesn’t work, mission-related tasks are crippled or come to a grinding halt. Think of all the technologies you depend on to carry out your mission and what a glitch in service or extended interruption could cost you.

That’s why quality of experience, or QX, is key to your mission success.

GovLoop and Exinda, a company that specializes in ensuring QX for application users, teamed up to provide this resource filled with best practices and insights for your agency. For these best practices, we spoke with Kevin Suitor, Vice President of Product Management at Exinda. By reading this report you’ll learn:

• The elements that make a quality user experience

• Tips for ensuring the quality of experience for applications hosted locally and in the cloud

• Success stories from some of the largest organizations around the world and how they tackled their pressing application issues

• How Exinda can help your agency bring control to cloud applications